The Huntsman 140 – Out ‘n Back (2014)

The Mission

June 21st was D-day so to speak. Despite best efforts to get some decent miles accumulated before the event, my longest ride was  still only about 45 miles. So as the big day approached I gave some serious thought to stepping back and doing a shorter distance, but ultimately decided to just go for it.

The Start (0)

After missing my alarm I woke up to my brother calling me wondering where I was. So I scrambled to gather my stuff grabbed a quick bite and hit the road. We picked up another buddy on the way, and headed for the starting line.

We arrived just prior to the mass start, however,  we were still prepping and hadn’t picked up our packets when the start sounded. It took us about 15 minutes to get everything ready and be headed down the road.

Feeling Good (1 – 70)

For about the first hour we set a quick pace, staying right around 20mph. Now I was definitely conscious of my lack of training my brother, my buddy and I decided to pull back a little to closer a pace down around 17mph.

Every 20 miles aid stations, stocked with lots of snack choices (energy drinks, fruit, water, and energy bars and chews), provided a welcome opportunity to get off the bike and stretch.

Things were still great as miles 30,  40, and 50 rolled by. We the turn around point and we were definitely starting to feel the miles, but all things considered still doing ok. We started back up the wall hoping to make lunch without a ride in a S.A.G. car.

The Wall (70-99)

I was definitely feeling the lack of miles by mile 70, our pace was hovering closer to 15mph, butts and muscles were hurting.  While we didn’t want to a ride to lunch in a S.A.G. car, the wasn’t entirely unpleasant. Pedaling along we expected to be picked up at any moment, yet the miles just kept rolling by.

Climbing a small hill I got a second wind and left my companions behind, believing we were close to getting picked up I pushed on hoping to get as close to lunch before getting a ride. Just before pulling into lunch my buddy caught back up and we rode into lunch together, followed a short time later by my brother. We all made it to lunch without being picked up by a S.A.G. car!

Lunch (99)

So we got a pretty good lunch of BBQ with a delicious dessert provided by Nothing Bundt Cakes. Coming into lunch there was a part of me that just wanted to curl up in a ball and die. Its amazing what a good lunch and friendly faces and pain killers will do for you. we took about a half hour or so to recover before we were ready to head out on last 35 miles.

The Final Miles (100-135)

Leaving from lunch the biggest climbs were still ahead. The hill by Camp Williams and the climb to the Huntsman Cancer Institute on the University of Utah campus, were still looming on the horizon.

At this point it was down to me and my brother as my buddy headed out a little ahead of us with a different group hoping for a slightly faster pace, than my brother and I were capable of.

We started out riding aid station to aid station, however, after the first stop we decided to skip the last stop and just push through. We actually caught my buddy a couple of times, but lost him when my brother’s bike threw its chain.

The last climb up the U of U campus was a beast our legs kept trying to cramp, but we made. Once I to the top of the climb, but before the finish, I called the family to let them know we were almost there.

The Finish

Coming up the finish line my brother and I were just a little behind the rest of our group.

The Finish of the Huntsman 140

Once we crossed the finish line all that was left was to collect whatever swag was around, consume needed calories into our tired bodies and take the hour drive home.

So thanks for reading, and here is the ride record as saved in Strava.

Less is More….

Computers are merely tools that is both useful and harmful. As a programmer I spend long hours in front of a computer screen, both for work and leisure. There really is such a thing as too much of good thing when one aspect of my life (work, family, school …etc) begins to become the dominant factor in my life I know that something needs to change. Maintaining a balance is important for more than the computer inclined but for everyone.


As a programmer hacking presents a certain draw. I don’t know what exactly about hacking is so interesting, especially with so many high-profile arrests. One particularly interesting case is Kevin Mitnick’s. Kevin started social engineering and hacking into places he wasn’t supposed as early as 12 years old. The most interesting part of this story is that the majority of his “hacks” required very little computer knowledge, and many times he simply convinced someone to give him what he wanted.

The weakest point in computer security will always be the user. As members of society Trained from birth we are polite and considerate of others around us. Given a plausible story and several pieces of relative data, many of us would be more than willing to help a co-worker, even one we had never met. The moral of the story being be very careful with any sensitive information and who you give it out to.


  • Ghost in the Wires by Kevin Mitnick