Less is More….

Computers are merely tools that is both useful and harmful. As a programmer I spend long hours in front of a computer screen, both for work and leisure. There really is such a thing as too much of good thing when one aspect of my life (work, family, school …etc) begins to become the dominant factor in my life I know that something needs to change. Maintaining a balance is important for more than the computer inclined but for everyone.


As a programmer hacking presents a certain draw. I don’t know what exactly about hacking is so interesting, especially with so many high-profile arrests. One particularly interesting case is Kevin Mitnick’s. Kevin started social engineering and hacking into places he wasn’t supposed as early as 12 years old. The most interesting part of this story is that the majority of his “hacks” required very little computer knowledge, and many times he simply convinced someone to give him what he wanted.

The weakest point in computer security will always be the user. As members of society Trained from birth we are polite and considerate of others around us. Given a plausible story and several pieces of relative data, many of us would be more than willing to help a co-worker, even one we had never met. The moral of the story being be very careful with any sensitive information and who you give it out to.


  • Ghost in the Wires by Kevin Mitnick

Is Media Stuck in the Stone Ages?

Traditional media such as the music and movie industries are notoriously slow to accept new technology. While the internet has provided access to pirated movies, music, and software. It has also opened up new avenues for marketing and distribution. The real threat to record labels and movie studios isn’t pirated movies and music but the lower barrier to entry for small independent bands and movie makers. Therefore, the “big dogs” should worry less about piracy and more about providing the best service, for both consumers and their employees (i.e. Directors, Writers, Bands…etc).

Sugar and Spice

I think sometimes people look too hard for the answer when there are plenty of obvious ones available. A key reason more women aren’t studying computer science is likely the same reason that more men aren’t, stereotypes. The gaming, cave dwelling socially awkward nerds are not an attractive prospect for many people. If we want to attract more women to the computer science profession, the first step is to polish the image of the computer scientist.

We are family…

Family history has long been a focus of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Nowadays there are several sites providing several similar services to those offered by familysearch.org (i.e. ancestry.com…). This is due in large part to the collaborative nature of the internet. Because family history is inherently social, the internet allows greater collaboration, enabling users to share and connect their research with others much more easy. Building our family history is no longer relegated to just experts and those with lots of time on their hands, anyone can do it!

Black & White

Technology is a double-bladed sword used for both good and evil. Therefore, attempting to classify the internet and many of the tools as simply black and white is short sided and ignorant. Whether a tool or piece of technology is good or bad is mainly dependent on the person using it.